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Creed II

Creed II (2018) บ่มแชมป์เลือดนักชก 2

Creed II

Creed II Donnie Kreed has won six straight fights for the third time after losing to “Pretty Ricky Conlan”. Donnie Kreed has won six consecutive fights, including a win against Danny “Stuntman”, Wheeler and won the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. He proposes to Bianca Taylor to.

Ivan Drago is the Soviet boxer who defeated Donnie’s father Apollo Creed in 1985.

Bianca and Donnie move into Los Angeles in an apartment close to Mary Anne, Donnie’s adopt mother, and Apollo’s widow.

Donnie’s body and ego has been destroyed, and he’s less connected to Bianca. Mary Anne approaches Rocky, and Donnie accepts her offer of peace. Rocky accepts to work against Viktor who is going through difficult physical tests at Ivan. Donnie and Bianca discover they Amara is born hearing impaired, and inherits her mother’s hearing impairment.

Viktor is a mockery of Donnie and puts him in constant stress. Viktor has been taunting Donnie publicly and is forced to do it by his father in a closed room. Rocky and Little Duke train Donnie in an area that is deserted located in California. They concentrate on fighting from within, and then prepare Donnie for the massive force Viktor will put upon his body.

Moscow is more balanced due to the fact that Donnie is more focused and efficient when he fights Viktor in fights. The fights do not go beyond the fourth round. Donnie takes advantage of this and takes on Viktor’s challenge even though his ribs are broken.

Viktor and Ivan travel together Ivan and Viktor train together to Ukraine. Donnie visits the burial site of Apollo in order to reconcile with his father. Donnie and Bianca then introduce their daughter, Bianca who wears the latest hearing aids. He is amazed by the way he looks like his ex-wife, Adrian.

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