Venom 2018

Venom (2018) เวน่อม

Venom As it searches to find new planets that could be habitable the probe of the bio-engineering corporation Life Foundation discovers an asteroid covered with bio-symbiotic life forms. Four samples are brought back to Earth by the probe however one is eluded and crashes in Malaysia. The Life Foundation recovers the other three and brings them to their research center located in San Francisco, where they discover that the living symbiotes can’t endure without oxygen-breathing hosts which often fatally reject the relationship. Eddie Brock is an investigative journalist. He finds out about the human trials within classified files that is in the possession of Anne Weying . Anne Weying is an attorney who is preparing an argument for the Life Foundation. Brock confronts Life Foundation CEO Carlton Drake about the trials. This leads to both Brock and Weying losing their jobs. As a result, Weying ends their relationship. Venom HD

Six months after the trial, Drake’s Symbiosis experiments are closer to being successful. However, one of his symbiotes are killed by carelessness. Brock is approached by Dora Skirth, one of Drake’s scientists who isn’t happy with his methodology and would like to expose Drake to the public. Brock is assisted by Dora Skirth, who helps him gain entry into the research center in seeking evidence. He learns that Maria who is a friend is one of the subject. Brock attempts to save Maria however the symbiote is possessed by her transfers to Brock’s body without him realizing and leaves her dead. Brock escapes and soon starts to exhibit strange signs. He approaches Weying for assistance. Her new boyfriend Dr. Dan Lewis, discovers the symbiote on looking into Brock. Drake exposes Skirth to the remaining symbiote that is captive which kills both. The only surviving sample is that of Brock’s symbiote.

Drake sends mercenaries to retrieve the symbiote that was stolen from Brock but it manifests within his body in the form of a terrifying creature, which fights off aggressors. Later the creature presents itself as Venom to Brock and explain that the comet is looking for planets on which the symbiotes could possess and devour the people living on them. Venom will spare Brock when he assists the symbiotes achieve their goal and Brock is able to take advantage of the superhuman abilities that the symbiote entrusts him with. Brock is attempting to get into Drake’s former workplace, but is blocked by SWAT police officers. Weying is able to see him transform into escape, and then takes Brock to Lewis’s office , where they explain that the symbiote rotting Brock’s internal organs. Brock notes that the symbiote is prone to two weaknesses: high-pitched sounds and fire. Even though Venom claims that the damage to organs can be reversed, Weying uses an MRI machine to isolate him from Brock who is later seized by Drake’s men.

In the meantime, the fourth symbiote Riot is making its way from Malaysia towards San Francisco by hopping from body to body. It bonds with Drake and agrees to move Riot on a Life Foundation space probe in order to gather all the other symbiotes on Earth. Venom and Weying establish a reluctant alliance to help free Brock. Venom and Brock have a second time bonded. Venom declares that he was influenced by Brock to save the Earth from his own species. They attempt to stop Drake and Riot with Weying’s assistance. Venom makes the probe explode, killing both Riot as well as Drake. After the incident, Brock returns to journalism, while Weying believes Brock is no longer bonded to Venom following the incident and that Venom also perished in the blast. However, the pair remain together in secret, and they are determined to protect San Francisco by killing criminals.

Brock is invited to talk with Cletus Kasady, an infamous serial killer who has promised “carnage” when he escapes in an scene.

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