I Am Jane Doe 2017

I am Jane Doe

I am Jane Doe

I am Jane Doe is a documentary that documents the legal battle several American mothers are fighting for their middle-school daughters, who were trafficked on Backpage.com to sell sex. The classified advertising site was once owned by the Village Voice. The film’s narration is by Jessica Chastain. It was directed by Mary Mazzio and produced by Mazzio with Alec Sokolow. 50 percent of the film’s proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations that serve victims of human trafficking.

I’m Jane Doe follows the cases and stories of two middle school girls, one from Boston and one from St. Louis. They were sued against Backpage and they found themselves in a collision course of judges, special interest groups and Section230 of the Communications Decency Act.

The film also includes the lawyers involved in the lawsuits. They come from all walks of law, from a small firm in Washington State to a large one in Ropes & Gray. This is one of the oldest white shoe law firms in America.

I’m Jane Doe also tracks Congressional actions against Backpage, online human trafficking and other issues. Interviews with Senator Rob Portman and Senator John McCain are featured in the film. Senator Claire McCaskill and Senator Heidi Heitkamp also feature in this film. ฉันคือเจน โด

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